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Electric Blue | Coffin Blue Nails | Press On Nails

These amazing blue chrome nails are complete SHOWSTOPPERS! They are so bold and daring that it is no question everyone’s eyes will be on you. After all, these blue chrome press-on nails deserve all the attention. If you’re a lover of long coffin nails and making bold beauty statements, look no further for your perfect nail set. These chrome acrylic nails will be the life of any party!


Color: Cobalt Blue (Chrome)

Shape: Coffin

Finish: Chrome

Length: Long (nails can be filed and cut to your desire)

Includes 24 nails, file & nail glue.


How to Apply our Nails:

  1. Gently file the surface of your natural nail bed to create friction for the glue to adhere to.
  2. Apply a drop of glue to the bottom of the Clutch nail and a drop of glue to your natural nail.
  3. Place Clutch nail on top and press down firmly for at least 30 seconds.

Don't prefer this length? Our nails can be easily shortened with a nail file or nail clipper!